Saturday, April 30, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Zenna, Zaphod, and Zags

Zenna is a chocolate lab about six months old. This pretty girl is friendly and affectionate, and she would make a wonderful companion. She's at the Clare County Animal Shelter in Harrison.

Zaphod is a handsome gray domestic shorthair (DSH) mix cat. He really needs to find a forever home; being at the shelter is very scary for him. He's at the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter in Manistee.

At the same shelter in Manistee, Zags is waiting for someone to love. He's an orange DSH mix kitty who was born in November 2010, and he was the only boy in his litter. His sisters have been adopted, so now it's his turn!

If you're interested in Zenna, Zaphod, and/or Zags, please take a look at their listings for more information.


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Eliza, you SO rock! I'm happy to see that you picked up your award!

We did it--woooot!

Sarah Allen said...

Aw, so sweet :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Patricia Lynne said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge, hope it helped find all the cute pets homes. (I honestly shouldn't look at the pictures because I want to give them all homes and that's not possible right now.)



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