Monday, April 4, 2011

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There are usually quite a few urgent cats to tweet about every week. "Urgent" means that they have been designated as such by the shelter where they're staying, and it means that their time is running out. Normally, no date is given, but whenever you see "urgent," you know that they could be euthanized at any time.

Bullseye is at the Ionia County Animal Shelter. He's a handsome DSH/tiger cat mix. His main color seems to be gray, and he has some nice black markings. This shelter removes listings after a pet is no longer available, regardless of the reason. You can check their list of available pets to see whether Bullseye is still on it. Ionia is in southwestern Michigan.

On the other side of the state, Victor is waiting for someone to love. He's an adorable brown and white tabby mix, and he's about ten years old. He's a very sweet, calm guy, and all he really wants is a nice, quiet place to live where someone will give him the love he deserves. That's not too much to ask! He's at the Southgate Animal Shelter.

The Taylor Animal Shelter currently has four cats available for adoption. The females are a dilute tortoiseshell, a black DSH, and a young gray DSH/Russian blue mix. There's also a black and white DMH boy. They don't actually say "urgent," but the shelter doesn't seem to use that designation, so why take chances? They certainly seem to be urgent!

If you're not interested in any of the aforementioned cats, take a look at the Livingston County Animal Control site. This shelter, located in Howell, currently has thirty cats on the list! Check out Fireball, Tulip, Rascal, Sarah, Gino, Matilda, and the others.

As always, if you'd like to know more about a pet (or two!), please contact the shelter.


Marie Anne said...

Don't you wish you could help them all? I've done my part by feeding the stray mama and taking in her babies that she deposited, then I trapped and had her spayed.

I kept one kitten from each of the two litters she left here.



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