Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Birdie is such a sweet girl! She's a mix between a Plott hound and a boxer, and she's very pretty! She's been at the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter since September. Run by the Manistee County Humane Society, this shelter is located in Manistee, which is a Victorian city on Lake Michigan.

Birdie loves people and loves to play! She also likes other dogs as long as they don't try to boss her around. Because of her particular mix of breeds, this terrific girl weighs about 70 pounds, which means her forever home should be big enough to accommodate her. She's still young (only 2 or 3 years old), and she's already been spayed. Birdie's status is urgent, so it's very important for her to find a forever home soon.

Check out Birdie's Petfinder profile, which includes three photos of her. Does Birdie sound like the right dog for you? If so, contact the shelter to learn more about her. You'll be glad you did!


Marie Anne said...

Birdie is beautiful! If I weren't so far away, she'd probably come home with me.

Snakesmom said...

What a wonderful theme you have for the A-Z challenge! I love it, great post. :) You have also done a wonderful job of describing "Birdie", I hope she gets adopted soon.

Eliza Wynn said...

Update on Birdie: she's been adopted! Congratulations to Birdie and her forever family!



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