Thursday, April 21, 2011

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If you're considering adopting a larger dog, check out Reese! This big guy weighs 74 pounds!

Reese is a handsome brindle lab/pit bull mix with a great personality, and he's already been neutered. He's only a year or two old, so he's still quite young. Staying at the shelter is making him lonely; he's a very friendly boy, and he would love to go home with a forever family.

He's a shelter favorite! Everyone there loves Reese, and no one understands why he hasn't been adopted yet. His status changed to "urgent" almost three weeks ago, which means it's very important for him to find someone as soon as possible.

Reese is at the Clare County Animal Shelter in Harrison, which is near the junction of US 127 and M-61. If you'd like more information about him, be sure to read his profile.




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