Monday, August 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Pets as of 8/30/10

There are quite a few urgent pets again this week. Fortunately, there were also several adoptions from different shelters.

Check out Chandler! He's an Australian shepherd/Afghan hound mix at the shelter in Beulah. He's a handsome guy!

China is an adorable Staffie mix girl who's also in Beulah. She's very sweet and affectionate, and she just lives for hugs and kissies! She's hoping for a forever home with someone to give her all the love she deserves.

In Ionia, mama cat Elsa and her babies are still looking for a foster home. They have a rescue willing to take them, but only if they can find a foster. Tabby/DSH mixes Gail and Walker are waiting for their forever homes.

Collie/shepherd mix Chomper and chocolate lab mix Cesar are still available and waiting at the shelter in Manistee.

If you want to adopt a cat, don't forget about the shelter in Midland, where many cats are hoping for a second chance. You're sure to find a wonderful new companion!

Isn't there someone who could take Bruno? He's a terrific hound who's been at the shelter in Mount Pleasant a long time. All he wants is a great new home without any cats. Is that really so much to ask?

Black lab mix Cindy has lots of energy and lots of love to give. Husky mix Josaline is only 7 months old and loves to play; she gets along great with kids and dogs. Cindy and Josaline are both at the shelter in Stanton.

Dino is a sweet, goofy, strong black lab/Karelian bear dog mix. This big guy is at the shelter in Wyandotte, and he's not alone. Haskell is a large gray tabby/DSH mix; this gentle giant is FIV positive. Ollie is a 10-year-old gray and white DLH/tabby mix who is still looking for a quiet retirement home. Stan is a very sweet and affectionate senior gray and white DSH/tabby mix. Black DSH Prada still hasn't found a home with decent decor; her cage at the shelter just isn't good enough!

In Howell/Livingston County, several dogs and a lot of cats are on the urgent list. Check out their site; the euth dates are given as "Last Date Available" and are in chronological order.

Alex, the semi-feral tabby babies, Kado, Maddox, Jordan, and Duke went to their forever homes.
Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Dogs in Danger listings as of 8/17/10

Dogs in Danger came back up, which allowed me to search the database. I found eight listings.

In White Cloud, two dogs need help by tomorrow, 8/18. Tucker is still hoping someone will give him a forever home. He's a terrific chocolate lab mix who's about a year old. He's cute, friendly, and energetic, and he would love to be part of a family.

Pittie mix Gunner is a cute, happy boy! This adorable guy is younger than six months old.

There are three urgent dogs in Reed City who only have until 8/20. Memphis is a very sweet and energetic young lab mix. She's a very pretty girl who's mostly black, with some white markings, and we all know that larger black dogs are often overlooked at the shelter. Please help this sweet dog!

Dozer is a chocolate lab mix somewhere between five and eight months old. He's a very happy boy who deserves a chance!

Duke is a yellow lab, probably somewhere between three and five years old. He's a very happy guy who also happens to be the quiet type. He would prefer a home without small children.

As always, if you're interested in any of these dogs, please contact the shelter.

With all these wonderful dogs who need our help, it's good to be able to report good news. Sassie, Brody, Murphy, Brando, Lola, Chaz, and Corky were all adopted recently! Congratulations and best wishes to them and their forever families!
Monday, August 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Pets as of 8/15/10

Alex in Beulah is a lab/spaniel mix who still needs a forever home. He gets along great with dogs, kids, and cats. He's a terrific guy; check him out!

Two semi-feral tabby babies in Brownstown still need a home with a barn they can live in.

Mama cat Elsa and her babies haven't found a foster home yet. They're in
Ionia, along with orange domestic longhair Zen and tabby mix baby Toby.

At the Manistee shelter, collie/shepherd mix Chomper and chocolate lab mix Cesar are still waiting for their forever homes.

The Midland shelter still has many cats in need of a second chance. Tabbies, domestic shorthairs, a gorgeous white domestic medium hair kitty, a dilute calico, and a Russian blue are just some of the wonderful cats hoping to find love and a forever home.

Bruno the hound is still in Mount Pleasant while he waits for a cat-free home. The poor guy just doesn't get along with cats and doesn't want to have to share a home with any.

Poor Gary has had it rough, and he's in big trouble now! If he doesn't find a home today, he might not make it! He's an orange and white DSH cat, about six years old, whose family dropped him off at the shelter in Southgate.

Jessie, the sweet, cuddly senior Jack Russell terrier, is still waiting for someone to love. She's at Harbor Humane Society in West Olive.

In Wyandotte 10-year-old cat Ollie is still looking for a nice quiet home. Stan is a very sweet senior gray and white DSH/tabby mix who loves people. Black DSH Prada is hoping to leave her cage for a home with much better style.

Unfortunately, Dogs in Danger has been down, so it hasn't been possible to search the database.

As always, please contact the shelter if you're interested in any of these urgent pets.
Sunday, August 8, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Pets as of 8/8/10

Ripley and Deder were both adopted!

Alex in Beulah still doesn't have a home! He's a terrific spaniel/lab mix who would love a nice forever family. He likes dogs, kids, and even cats! What a guy!

In Brownstown, two semi-feral tabby babies are looking for a barn to live in. There were four, but two were adopted, so now there are two left.

In Escanaba, black lab mix pup Nautier is still looking for a home. Cheech is a boxer mix who needs a home; he's about two years old.

Rottie/beagle mix Buck is still at the Ionia shelter. Dollar is a very cute pittie/mastiff boy who just loves having his belly rubbed! New mama Elsa and her baby kitties need a foster home; a rescue is willing to take them but needs someplace for them to stay. Orange domestic longhair Zen is ready for a forever home, as are tabby mix babies Thomas and Toby.

Collie/shepherd mix Chomper is still at the Manistee shelter. Cesar, a super sweet and friendly chocolate lab mix, is also there.

As usual, there are many cats on the urgent list in Midland. Many of them are babies who haven't even had a chance at a good life. If you're looking for an absolutely gorgeous adult cat, check out #1666, a stunning white beauty!

Bruno the hound still hasn't found a cat-free home, so he's still at the Isabella County Animal Control in Mount Pleasant. There are 85 pets there as of today! Most of them are cats, but there are also quite a few dogs and several bunnies.

Bloodhound/St. Bernard mix Barney is still available! He's at the shelter in Stanton.

Remember Jessie, the sweet, cuddly senior Jack Russell terrier at Harbor Humane Society in West Olive? Thanks to some generous donors, she was able to have her teeth fixed. Now she's ready for a forever home! Bentley is at the same shelter, and he's a favorite there; he's a pittie boy with a lot of love to give.

Three older cats in Wyandotte need help. Ollie is ten years old and needs a nice quiet home. Felix and Gizmo have a sad story; their owner got sick and couldn't take care of them anymore. They ended up in the shelter together at the age of fifteen!

There are five dogs in dire straits in White Cloud and need to be saved by 8/11. Shar pei mix Sassie, chocolate lab mix Tucker, and put bull Gunner had their stays extended a week, but time is running out. Brando is a 6-month-old pittie boy who's very friendly and quiet. Layla is a setter/retriever mix who would prefer a quiet home if possible.

As always, please contact the shelter if you're interested in any of these urgent pets.
Sunday, August 1, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Dogs in Danger listings as of 8/1/10

After Dogs in Danger came back up, I found eight listings. All are in White Cloud and are scheduled for euthanasia on August 4 if they're not adopted or rescued.

Shar pei mix Sassie got an extension to her stay at the shelter, but she can't count on that happening again. She's about 6 years old and is very sweet. However, she doesn't like cats at all!

Tucker is an energetic young chocolate lab mix who loves people. He's cute and friendly and would be a great family dog.

Brody is a young pittie mix, and he's a very good puppy! He's about 4 months old and is well behaved. He's not aggressive, and he really likes people.

Murphy the shepherd mix is a very smart boy! He loves attention and isn't shy at all.

Chaz is a 4-month-old beagle mix. He's super friendly! He has some brindle markings, which might mean he has some boxer in his DNA.

There's not much info on the last three yet. Gunner is a young pit bull. Lola and Corky are Corgi mixes, probably littermates.

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Pets as of 8/1/10

Great news! Maddie the beagle was adopted, as were cats Stacie and Olivia. Ranger the blind senior chocolate lab went to a rescue, which is a relief; I was worried about him.

This week, I'm worried about poor Jessie. She's a cuddly 12-year-old Jack Russell terrier with some serious dental problems. The shelter, Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, is seeking donations in any amount to help with her dental care. Of course, if you'd rather adopt her and give her a nice forever home, she'll love you forever!

Check out Alex in Beulah. He's a loving a kind spaniel/lab mix who's great with dogs and kids, and he even likes cats! What a guy!

Domestic shorthair (DSH) boys Soren and TJ are still waiting for their forever homes, as is black lab mix Nautier. They're all in Escanaba.

In Ionia, tortie mix Marguerite and Buck the rottie/beagle mix are still available. Ripley, Deder, and Chomper are still in Manistee.

Midland still has a lot of cats, mostly babies, on the critical list. What are you waiting for?

In Stanton, 1-year-old Mardy is a terrific beagle mix boy who's waiting for his forever home. If you're looking for somebody a bit bigger, how about Barney? He's a bloodhound/St. Bernard mix!

One of my sources, Dogs in Danger, was down today. I'll keep trying and do a separate post if there are any listings for Michigan this week.

As always, check with the shelter or rescue group if you're interested in one of these pets.



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