Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Dogs in Danger listings as of 8/17/10

Dogs in Danger came back up, which allowed me to search the database. I found eight listings.

In White Cloud, two dogs need help by tomorrow, 8/18. Tucker is still hoping someone will give him a forever home. He's a terrific chocolate lab mix who's about a year old. He's cute, friendly, and energetic, and he would love to be part of a family.

Pittie mix Gunner is a cute, happy boy! This adorable guy is younger than six months old.

There are three urgent dogs in Reed City who only have until 8/20. Memphis is a very sweet and energetic young lab mix. She's a very pretty girl who's mostly black, with some white markings, and we all know that larger black dogs are often overlooked at the shelter. Please help this sweet dog!

Dozer is a chocolate lab mix somewhere between five and eight months old. He's a very happy boy who deserves a chance!

Duke is a yellow lab, probably somewhere between three and five years old. He's a very happy guy who also happens to be the quiet type. He would prefer a home without small children.

As always, if you're interested in any of these dogs, please contact the shelter.

With all these wonderful dogs who need our help, it's good to be able to report good news. Sassie, Brody, Murphy, Brando, Lola, Chaz, and Corky were all adopted recently! Congratulations and best wishes to them and their forever families!


Animal Rescues of Michigan said...

As of today, there are 58 cats (and kittens) and 8 dogs scheduled to be killed from 8/19/ - 9/16/2010 at Livingston Animal Control (http://livingstonlive.org/lcac/)

Eliza Wynn said...

Thank you for that important info! I'm at that site now, trying to figure out where you found those dates. I'd like to be able to check the site regularly and include the animals here and on Twitter.

Eliza Wynn said...

I just found the dates.



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