Sunday, August 1, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Pets as of 8/1/10

Great news! Maddie the beagle was adopted, as were cats Stacie and Olivia. Ranger the blind senior chocolate lab went to a rescue, which is a relief; I was worried about him.

This week, I'm worried about poor Jessie. She's a cuddly 12-year-old Jack Russell terrier with some serious dental problems. The shelter, Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, is seeking donations in any amount to help with her dental care. Of course, if you'd rather adopt her and give her a nice forever home, she'll love you forever!

Check out Alex in Beulah. He's a loving a kind spaniel/lab mix who's great with dogs and kids, and he even likes cats! What a guy!

Domestic shorthair (DSH) boys Soren and TJ are still waiting for their forever homes, as is black lab mix Nautier. They're all in Escanaba.

In Ionia, tortie mix Marguerite and Buck the rottie/beagle mix are still available. Ripley, Deder, and Chomper are still in Manistee.

Midland still has a lot of cats, mostly babies, on the critical list. What are you waiting for?

In Stanton, 1-year-old Mardy is a terrific beagle mix boy who's waiting for his forever home. If you're looking for somebody a bit bigger, how about Barney? He's a bloodhound/St. Bernard mix!

One of my sources, Dogs in Danger, was down today. I'll keep trying and do a separate post if there are any listings for Michigan this week.

As always, check with the shelter or rescue group if you're interested in one of these pets.




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