Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Luna is a mixed-breed dog available for adoption from the Benzie County Animal Shelter. The shelter is located in Beulah, a village in northern Michigan.

Luna is a very nice girl, and she's so pretty! She's black and white and looks a lot like a border collie. The volunteers at the shelter think she acts like a husky/hound mix. Luna is a very nice girl with energy to burn. Her ideal forever family will give her lots of time to run and play, and although Luna would live indoors, she would love to spend time outside with her family.

Luna has been at the shelter a long time, and she was placed on the urgent list almost thirteen weeks ago. Her Petfinder listing shows three great pictures of her. Adoption fees are low, so why not ask about this great girl today?


Hart Johnson said...

I hope she gets a good home! We love our Humane Society pets--one canine, one feline... it is all we have room for, or there would be more...

Marie Anne said...

Luna is a cutie and I hope she finds a forever home soon.



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