Friday, April 29, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Yorkies Galore!

If you're interested in adopting a Yorkie or Yorkie mix, you're in the right place. Michigan has plenty of dogs that fit the description.

Little Ezra has one of the sweetest faces ever! He's a senior who's absolutely no trouble. He's currently in a foster home with Last Chance Rescue in Howell. (Note: This organization is not affiliated with Last Chance MI, the account I tweet from.)

Here's another senior Yorkie guy; he's at Gratiot County Animal Control in Ithaca, where they refer to him as #166a.

Muffin is a Yorkie/Shih tzu mix, and she sure is pretty! This sweet girl is at Furry Friends Rescue in Brighton.

Peppermint Patty is a senior Yorkie/chihuahua mix in the care of the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue in Kent City.

Shandy is a Yorkie mix girl at Bellowood in Cedar Springs.

Peke a Tzu Rescue in Trufant has quite a few Yorkies and Yorkie mixes.

Fiona is a Yorkie/Bichon Frisé mix available at Katzenwoofers in Sheridan.

Teddy the Yorkie has been at Second Chance Animal Rescue in Gobles for almost a year!

The Noah Project in Muskegon is taking care of Yorkie/Schnauzer mix Winston and young Yorkie/chihuahua mix Tilly.

That's just a few of the available Yorkies and Yorkie mixes here that are available for adoption! There are several pages listing Yorkshire terriers in Michigan. Nearby states are mixed in when they're closer to the ZIP code you provide than other parts of Michigan; just keep going and you'll find Michigan listings again.

Anyone who is interested in adopting a Yorkshire terrier, either full bred or a mix, should check the Petfinder listings. Whatever age, size, temperament, or genetic mix you're looking for, you're sure to find the right Yorkie for you!




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