Friday, April 15, 2011

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Maple is a very nice American Staffordshire terrier, and she's been having a rough time. She's been at the shelter a long time. In fact, this is at least her second time at the same shelter!

In late January, after Maple had been at the Brownstown Animal Shelter for a while, she was designated "urgent." A few days later, she went to what she thought would be her forever home. Unfortunately, it didn't work out; through no fault of her own, she ended up at the shelter again two months later.

Maple is a real sweetie. She loves people, attention, and toys. She's a very cute and happy girl. The staff at the shelter aren't sure whether she's really a Staffie or not. If so, she's a very small one. Judging from her looks and actions, she's still a puppy, but her teeth seem to make her about a year old.

Maple's ideal forever home will really be forever. She will love her family so much! If possible, she would like to have a yard with a fence.

If you're interested in Maple, be sure to check out her Petfinder listing, which includes three photos of this sweet, pretty girl. (The first one, which isn't the one that's featured, really shows her sweetness.) In addition to potential adopters, rescue organizations are also more than welcome to give Maple the chance she deserves. The shelter is located in Brownstown Township, near Detroit.


Jeanne said...

What a nice way to use the A-Z Challenge by advertising cute little animals. I wish I was in market for another.

Eliza Wynn said...

Update: Maple has been rescued! Best wishes for finding a forever home!



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