Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Every Animal Rescue League is located in Clinton Township, in the greater Detroit area. Most of the animals in its care stay at the Animal Activity Center, which is owned an operated by Dr. Thomas Bankstahl, a veterinarian with a vision; he also runs the Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital.

As of today, this rescue has seven pets listed on Petfinder. Listings for Blackie and Bella include one photo each.


Sweetie and Meanie are a pair of lovebirds about two and a half years old. One is male and one is female; the listing doesn't specify which is which. These birds are mostly green, with blue tails and beige or white faces. Since they're a pair, it would be nice for them to find a forever home together, but it isn't essential.


Blackie is a black domestic medium hair (DMH) cat, and she's the only kitty currently at Every Animal Rescue League. This sweet girl gets along great with kids, dogs, and other cats. What's not to love?


Bella is a brown and white chihuahua about four years old. She's crate trained and loves goodies! She also loves dogs and cats but isn't crazy about small children.

Dexter is a cute black, brown, and white chihuahua/terrier mix. This little guy is about two years old, and he doesn't understand why his owner decided to give him to the shelter. Dexter gets along great with other dogs.

Luci was also in what she thought was a forever home, and then she ended up at the shelter. She's a sweet, lovable Jack Russell terrier. The listing says that she's an adult but doesn't specify her age. She would prefer a home without young children, so prospective adopters shouldn't have kids under twelve.

Trixie is an adorable Jack Russell terrier girl who was at the Macomb County Animal Shelter before finding her way to Every Animal Rescue League. She's looking for a forever home with a fenced yard. Kids and other dogs are a plus; she loves them! She even gets along with cats.

If you're interested in learning more about any of these great pets, please check out their Petfinder pages.


Marie Anne said...

That's near Selfridge ANGB, isn't it? I visited there a few times in the 90s. I wonder if a lot of pets end up there as a result of military deployments.

Eliza Wynn said...

Yes, I think they're in the same general area. You're probably right about why a lot of the pets end up there.



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