Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Urgent! Joey in Southgate, and Many Others

Joey is a terrific pit bull mix who needs help now! His days are numbered unless someone decides to give him a loving forever home.

Joey is adorable! He loves people, and he loves to play. He's a very good boy, and he's even crate trained! Joey loves to give kissies, and he'll sit in your lap for as long as you let him. He promises to love you forever if you'll just give him a chance at the good life he deserves.

This handsome boy has already been neutered, and his shots are up to date. He'll need to have a tall fence at his forever home, and he'd prefer to be the only dog.

Joey's status is urgent. He's just a little boy! If you can help him, please contact the Southgate Animal Shelter before it's too late! Call Jen at 313-573-8953 ASAP ANYTIME!

Joey is far from the only pet in Michigan with an urgent status. If you'd like to help, please follow Last Chance Michigan on Twitter; although I focus on Michigan, I also tweet about pets in urgent need of help anywhere for any reason. Facebook also has a large community of animal lovers trying to make a difference.

Thank you.




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