Saturday, April 21, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Sandra in Manistee, Shandy in Ionia, and Slinky in Clarkston

Sandra (pictured) is a black and tan tabby baby currently at the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter in Manistee. She's a sweet, cuddly, funny little girl who needs help. She was found at the side of the road after apparently having been struck by a vehicle. The surgery to repair her leg injury will cost $500-$600. If you'd like to help Sandra, please consider donating to the Zeke Fund, which was established to help animals needing medical care. More information is available on Sandra's Petfinder page.

Shandy is a beautiful long-haired Maine Coon mix available for adoption from the Ionia County Animal Shelter. This nice girl ended up at the shelter after her owner became very sick and couldn't take care of her. Shandy is about 8 years old, spayed, current on vaccinations, and trained to use a litter box. She's looking for a nice forever home where she can stay indoors, since she doesn't have any front claws. Her status is urgent, which means she's running out of time.

Slinky is an adorable dog available from the Canine Companions Rescue Center in Clarkston. No one is quite sure what his genetic makeup is, but he looks a little like a cross between a Basset hound and a Saint Bernard. This boy is probably no more than 2 years old; he has medium-length hair, weighs 62 pounds, and is just plain cute.

If you're interested in any of these pets, please visit their Petfinder pages for more information.


Jenny said...

What a wonderful cause for your A-Z challenge. Best of luck to you and all these worthy critters!



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