Friday, April 27, 2012

PostHeaderIcon X: Shelter Pets With Numbers Instead of Names

"X" stands for the unknown, and this beautiful shepherd mix (pictured) is known simply as 96560. If she ever had a name, the staff at Barry County Animal Control in Hastings doesn't know it. Instead of giving her a name while she's in their care, they assigned her a number. Her Petfinder page contains very little information but does state that she is current on shots and weighs about 59 pounds.

96560 is one of many shelter pets in Michigan (and everywhere) with a number instead of a name. These pets are strays that ended up at the shelter, and the staff members don't know much about them. If their owners don't come forward within a short time, they're put up for adoption. Their chances aren't good.

This situation is preventable. 96560 and the other unknown shelter pets would have a much better chance if they had microchips or tags with current contact information. Please, if you have pets, make sure they can be identified at all times.

Langley Cornwell's Creative Ways to Find a Lost Pet provides valuable information about what to do if your pet is lost. Resources such as America's Lost & Found Pet Database can also help.




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