Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Duke in Osseo, and Duke in Tawas City

Duke, a pointer mix, was the subject of last year's "D" post during the A to Z Challenge, and he still hasn't found a forever home or enough sponsors to help pay for his heartworm treatment. He's really had it rough; before arriving at the Greater Hillsdale Humane Society shelter in Osseo, he had spent his whole life outside without any TLC. He did have a friend, though: Molly. She's also at the shelter.

Another Duke also needs help. He's 2-year-old a boxer/pit bull mix at the Iosco County Humane Society shelter in Tawas City. He needs a home with no other dogs; he doesn't get along with them. The shelter has scheduled him for euthanasia on April 30 if he isn't adopted.

If you're interest in helping any of these dogs, please contact the appropriate shelter.


Denise Mitchell said...

I already have two big GSDs (one of which is a rescue) and I'm in th UK but I just wanted to say what a fantastic idea and opportunity to promote the animals who are needing to find their forever home. Good luck with the rehoming and the rest of the challenge.



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