Monday, April 16, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Noodles and Nip in Brownstown

Noodles is a handsome orange tabby cat currently at the Brownstown Animal Shelter. He's looking for a forever home where his new family will take care of him and make sure he stays inside so that he doesn't end up being a stray at the shelter again. Noodles loves people, and he loves to play.

Nip is at the same shelter in Brownstown. He's a handsome black domestic shorthair (DSH) cat with captivating green eyes. He's a very good cat, and he hopes to get a real home soon. He thought he had one, but he ended up at the shelter again when his apartment was deemed to be too small. He doesn't take up much room! Nip gets along well with other cats but isn't too sure about dogs.

Both Nip and Noodles are available from the Brownstown Animal Shelter. Please visit their Petfinder pages for more information.


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