Sunday, October 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Dogs in Michigan as of 10/17/10

I've decided to start dividing the listings into one post for dogs and another for cats. I'll do the same when I see listings for bunnies and other pets.

Tispy is a border collie/lab mix who's been at the shelter in Beulah for a while. She's a very good girl!

The folks at the Brownstown shelter would love to save an amazing senior German shepherd who was found weaving in and out of traffic on I-75. They think he's blind in at least one eye. If you'd like to meet him, please call 734-675-4008 or 734-740-8530. His time is running out; he's scheduled for euthanasia on Monday, October 18.

Check out this English setter/hound mix who's scheduled for euthanasia on Monday, October 18, at the shelter in Howell. At the same shelter, a Chow chow mix only has until October 21st. Manny the boxer/Bouvier de Flandres mix and Lilly the boxer/bulldog mix just have until October 28th. There is also a pittie mix scheduled for November 6, as well as Sandy, a purebred English setter, who only has until November 12.

Four dogs are on the urgent list in Ionia. Beagle/lab mix Cheyenne is a very sweet little girl who's great with kids, cats, and dogs. Huckleberry is a terrific 2-year-old Bluetick hound; he's a very happy boy! Skippy is a smart and social Jack Russell terrier; he's good with dogs and cats and is about 5 years old. Yellow lab mix Tyrese is very friendly and playful, but his "family" abandoned him on the side of the road!

Chocolate lab mix Bella is still at the shelter in Manistee. She's playful, affectionate, and friendly, and she enjoys going for walkies. Loving, low-maintenance Raven is a sweet retriever/chow mix, also in Manistee.

Plott hound mix Charlie is at the top of the euth list at the Prudenville shelter, just because he's been there such a long time.

Lilly is a striking brindle shepherd mix who's having a hard time. She's good with older kids and is very playful. She's also very strong and needs someone who can handle her. She's at the Romulus Animal Shelter, and her time is up on October the 18th.

If you can give a senior dog a home, consider Olga. She's a sweet, pretty shepherd mix just waiting for someone to love. She's in West Olive along with pit bull/shepherd mix Peter, a great guy who's perky and super sweet.

There are three dogs currently on the urgent list in White Cloud, and they need help by 10/20. Emmitt is a terrific hound, and Emma is a very nice pittie girl. Jackson is a gentle chow chow who's great with kids and would make a terrific family dog.

As always, if you're interested in any of these animals, please contact the shelter.




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