Sunday, October 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Cats in Michigan as of 10/17/10

There are a lot of urgent cats in Michigan this week.

Gladys is still at the Brownstown shelter. She's a pretty black and white (mostly white) DSH kitty about six years old.

In Howell, there are many cats on the urgent list. Currently, five are scheduled for euthanasia on Monday, October 18. Three are scheduled for October 20, one for the 22nd, two for the 23rd, one for the 25th, six for the 27th, and three for the 28th. More are on the schedule for November.

In Ionia, check out Simone, a sweet, beautiful DSH/tortie mix girl about 10 months old. Blair is about a year old and is a sweet black DSH girl kitty. If you're looking for a male cat, how about Bubba or Wilson? Bubba is a very sweet black DSH boy about 4 months old. Wilson is a handsome DSH/tabby baby about 4 months old.

There's certainly no shortage of cats at the shelter in Midland. They have a lot of terrific cats just waiting for someone to love them: tabbies, DSH kitties, a DLH cat, a calico, a tortoiseshell, and even a Russian blue are available for adoption.

Can you help a pair of older cats? Boo and Punky are hoping to find a retirement home together. These guys are in a foster home and are listed by the shelter in Mount Pleasant.

There are still quite a few cats available from the Wyandotte shelter. Buff and white DSH/bobtail mix Koda is happy, gentle, and so much more. Jameson is a handsome gray tabby/DSH mix who's sweet, friendly, and curious. Black DSH Daisy (was Ebony/Sunny) is a cute and curious girl. DSH/tuxedo mix Checkers is a sweet, pretty girl. Gray DSH/tabby mix Cheetah is a very nice boy. Brown DSH/tabby mix Kai is polite, quiet, and handsome. Black and white tuxedo/DSH mix Oreo is talkative and sweet. Crispin is a quirky brown DMH/tabby guy about 6 years old. Black DSH Solomon longs for a nice home where he can love and be loved. Chip and Salsa are adorable brown tabby/DSH mix baby boys with FIV. Tuxedo/DLH mix Kamora is a friendly girl. Martini is a tiny DMH/tuxedo mix boy with FIV and FeLuk. Jameson is a sweet, friendly, curious gray tabby/DSH mix guy. Finally, Patches is a senior calico lady hoping to avoid going to the shelter; Wyandotte is listing her as a courtesy.

There is some good news. Russian blue cat Natashia was adopted from the shelter in Beulah. Orange tabby mix Boots was adopted from Southgate. Panda's adoption is pending; he was fostered from the Wyandotte shelter after being there for a year.

As always, if you're interested in any of these animals, please contact the shelter.




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