Friday, June 15, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Great Opportunity to Help Rescue Animals

Here's a great opportunity to help some of Michigan's rescue animals!

Few Steps From Home, a rescue based in Bay City, has partnered with the Midland Loons to help animals. They're looking for volunteers to work the concession stands at Loons games, and the rescue will get 100% of the proceeds on everything they sell!

Few Steps From Home needs 12 volunteers to work during each game at the Loons baseball diamond. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, July 3, 5-7pm
Saturday, August 25, 5-7pm
Saturday, September 1, 5-7pm
Saturday, September 3, 12-2pm

Please contact to sign up.

If you'd like to help the rescue in another way, check out their volunteer application. Volunteer positions include follow-up calls to adopters, making crafts, updating websites, fostering, and much more. They're also open to your ideas for how you'd like to help them.

The application lists many more possibilities, so please take a look and see whether there's something that appeals to you. And of course, they're always grateful for donations!

Few Steps From Home is also on Petfinder.




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