Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Do you know this little guy? The staff at the Clare County Animal Shelter in Harrison has named him Cosmo, but they're hoping his owner will come forward and claim him.

Cosmo is a sweet Yorkie mix. He's about three years old and weighs eleven pounds. He was found running loose in the vicinity of John R St. and Broad St. in Harrison. He was wearing a red collar that didn't have an ID tag giving his real name or ownership information. If you think you can identify this dog, please contact the shelter as soon as possible.

If no one claims Cosmo by May 9, he will be officially available for adoption. Check his Petfinder listing after that date if you're interested in adding him to your family!

Note: Photo of Cosmo courtesy of the Clare County Animal Shelter


Auto Title Loans said...

He is such a cutie! I always feel bad for the pets that don't have ID and get caught; because it's not their fault their owners didn't put a collar on or a chip in! Good luck, Cosmo :)



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