Monday, September 20, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Urgent Pets as of 9/19/10

It's a fairly short list this week, compared to most weeks, but there are some pets in dire need of help.

Peanut is scheduled to die today (September 20). He's a black lab who's great with kids but needs a home without other dogs or cats. If you can help him, please contact the shelter at Southgate immediately!

Plott hound mix Charlie has been at the Prudenville shelter a long time and has moved to the top of the euth list. He's a very sweet guy who deserves a chance!

Natashia is still waiting for a forever home. She's a beautiful Russian blue cat at the shelter in Beulah. At the same shelter, Tispy the border collie/lab mix and Noah the husky/lab mix are also hoping someone will come along to save them.

Handsome pit bull/boxer mix Troy is still stuck at the shelter in Ionia, along with Tisha, a pretty and sweet pittie girl.

The employees and volunteers at the shelter in Midland still have more cats than they can reasonably handle.

This is so discouraging. Poor Bruno the hound still hasn't found a forever (cat-free) home so he can get out of the shelter in Mount Pleasant.

Senior cats Boo and Punky are still in a foster home but would love to find a permanent place to retire, preferably together. These cuddly, affectionate cats are both front-declawed. For more information, check the Mount Pleasant shelter's page.

Linus is a tiger/Hemingway polydactyl mix cat at the shelter in West Olive. He's a very friendly boy.

Prada the black DSH cat is still at the shelter in Wyandotte.

There are four dogs currently on the urgent list in White Cloud. Shadow the black lab is the happiest guy ever! Marley is a nice yellow lab boy, Emmitt is a terrific hound, and Emma is a very nice pittie girl. They all need help by 9/24.

Howell/Livingston County has several dogs and cats on the urgent list. "Last Date Available" is another way to say their euthanization date; these are listed in chronological order.

The good news for this week is that Dino, the sweet, goofy black lab/Karelian bear dog mix, found a forever home.

As always, if you're interested in any of these animals, please contact the shelter.




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